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Whether it's to watch a recent episode of Peppa Pig or to learn useful skills using the latest app, there's no doubt that tablets are becoming an essential part in raising children both as a portal for entertainment and learning development. 

And while some parents are happy to give their child a brand spanking new iPad installed with a range of handy educational games, others would rather give their child something that is a little more robust. 

Our favourite tablet for kids at the moment is the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition

Bear in mind storage space, speed and processing power. This may sound a bit like gobbledygook to you, so our list provides you with all the information you require to make an informed purchase. Keep an eye out for kids tablets that have the option to increase the storage if you are unsure of how the tablet will be used. 

How to choose the best kids' tablet for your child

We've heard the horror stories of children accidentally ordering a fortune's worth of products from a logged in shopping account. We've also heard of children accidentally getting onto sites that young eyes certainly shouldn't see! With that the case, parental controls and child-safe browsers may be important factors to consider when purchasing a kids tablet. Many tablets for children will come with advanced parental control settings, so it's worth considering if these will be handy for you and your little ones.

Last of all, battery life! We wouldn't want a tablet shutting down just as Elsa's about to belt out 'Let it Go!' - would we? That certainly wouldn't go down well with the kids. So, if you are planning to head off on holiday and long trips are the car are inevitable, make sure the tablet battery life is sufficient. You're looking at 8hours battery life for the average tablet but some kids tablets come armed with as much as 12hours so keep your eyes peeled.

From storing movies to keep your kids quiet on long car journeys to ensuring that the tablet has enough processing power to play the latest games, there's so much that needs to be considered before you wrap it up to stow under the christmas tree. 

So, without further ado, let's find the best kids tablet for your family. 

Our pick of the best tablets for kids to buy today

If you are looking for a tablet that integrates both adult and child usage, the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition is the one to get.  With smart filters, content and parental controls, Amazon allows you to set your child's learning targets, create usage boundaries and feel confident that they are roaming the internet risk free.  Best of all is the tablet comes with a year's unlimited Amazon Fire for Kids in tow, so your children have access to the coolest apps and videos from the likes of Disney and Nickelodeon as soon as they unwrap it.  With 16GB of available storage and the capacity to add another 256GB more, just think of how many Disney films you can fit on one device?

There's no doubt that tablets are a major platform on which to kick-start your child's early years education. The cream of the crop is the Leapfrog Platinum, which gives you access to a library of 800+ educator approved games, books, videos and more.  With 8GB data, there's lots of room to download games, store pictures of friends and family taken with the device's front and rear cameras, and save favourite songs. With parental controls and a child-friendly browser, the Leapfrog Platinum has been optimised to ensure your child's learning and internet safety is at the forefront. 

Why purchase a device for the adults and a device for the children when the ASUS ZenPad 3S 10 is great for both? Unlike the first two products, we wouldn't call this device particularly 'kiddified'. It doesn't come with a protective case and it doesn't come with any parental controls or child-friendly apps installed. So why is it on our list? The good thing is, the installation of these functions is perfectly possible with the Android platform. And with the hi-res display, your children won't have any complaints when watching their wonderful programs in the back of the car either! This is a great tablet for children who don't want their kids spending hours in front of tech as you can completely control what goes on it and it has the added bonus of Mum and Dad being able to use it when the little nippers are in bed.

Firstly, it doesn't take Einstein to work out that the Apple iPad Mini 2 is more than double the price of the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition. That's because this device, first and foremost, hasn't been designed to to be handed over to a 3 year old. Instead, it's been built to perform to 'adult standards', which is why for the price, it's pretty good as an all-age product. The good thing is, parental controls and your child's favourite games can be quickly installed, so you can fully regulate what they do, where they go and what they watch on the device. Pretty useful if you want to hand it over in exchange for some peace and quiet. Yes it's expensive, but, if you have a pre-teen who wants to feel grown-up and join the Apple world, this is the best tablet for older kids.